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Terms & Conditions


We at respect the privacy of our advertisers, users of our website and people with inquiries. 
We do not sell, duplicate, or use any contact information from our members for any reason except purposes. Email addresses, residential and business physical addresses, phone numbers, etc., are only used to contact our members with business including answering questions, notifications and prize distribution.
Contact information is protected with extreme care. 


It is the responsibility of ("the Company" hereafter) to post new paid client's business cards that the new that the clients supply to the company, to the correct US county on the correct state page on website https://www.theabcd.netIt is also the responsibility of the Company to pay earned and unearned Referral Rewards as well as Bonuses and Prizes owed to the client member. 


It is our suggestion to the client to refer the site to others who may be interested in having their business card displayed on the website to gather new customers to their existing business and/or be interested in earning money with the Referral Rewards and Bonus programs set forth by the Company. Clients may refer the site to others by simply passing out Referral cards supplied by the Company to United States citizens at least 18 years of age and whose residence is in one of the 3007 U.S. Counties or the client can be proactive and market the site using other marketing materials, hold meetings, run advertisements, make phone calls, send faxes, emails, etc to businesses & business persons in the United States. Absolutely NO telemarketing calls to people's home residences and NO unsolicited SPAM emails, texts, or faxes are permitted.  Emails, texts, and faxes are permitted if permission is given by the receiver only.


The term for an individual's or business' listing on is one year. After the business card has been listed on for one year, they have the option of renewing their listing by paying the annual fee to again. The annual membership fee may or may not have changed. By renewing their membership, the client will continue to have their business card listed and continue to be paid Referral Rewards, and Bonuses and will continue to be entered in contests and drawings. The client's direct referrals will remain their direct referrals and they will be paid the Referral Reward again (currently $100.00) as their direct referrals renew their own memberships. This is an ongoing benefit of Nothing more needs to be done by the client to receive the ongoing Referral Rewards. 


The annual membership/listing fee for clients is processed via PayPal, which is an online payment system that is safe and secure to use. Any credit card or debit card may be used to place your order or you may use your PayPal account. Ordering an advertising slot for your business card is easy, safe and is completed through PayPal directly from our website, We at, do not have access to client debit or credit card information nor do we even see the numbers or expiration date. PayPal does not share payment information with any merchants. They only process payments safely and securely protecting debit card / credit card information for our clients. PayPal is the safest method to pay for goods and services online. 


 Currently our clients will be paid their Referral Rewards and Bonuses, with a check mailed to the address the client supplies. In the near future there shall be other forms of monetary distribution.


Members/clients do not need to have experience in this type of business as the Company supplies the client with the marketing materials in the "NEW MEMBERS" package to earn a nice income.  A new client must be at least 18 years of age and a United States Citizen and reside in any United States county.


Approximately 7-14 days after the new client has placed his or her order for their listing with, he or she will receive via USPS (regular mail), 50 business referral cards for distribution.  


The Company reserves the right to refuse orders of business card postings that contain vulgar, pornographic, or obscene content or any content deemed questionable by the Company. The purpose of this website is to help unite businesses / business personnel and consumers across America. All  races, creeds, genders, all Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, left wings, right wings, chicken wings.., ALL are welcome but for business sake, PLEASE keep your OPINIONS to yourselves, so as not to cause any kind of division. This site is for those who want to help their business or others with theirs, regardless of religious or political views. Thank you for choosing and may God bless America. 

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