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The Business Concept

The American Business Card Directory is a very simple site where anyone with a business card can post it right here on the to their state page, with the goal of attracting more customers to their business. Anyone in need of a particular product or service can click on their state on our home page and then select the county they are in or need service in. Each county "spinning gallery" lists business cards of companies or business professionals, looking to expand their customer base by displaying their business card. If potential customers need more information on a company or a product, they can utilize the contact information from the business card or some business cards may include a link to the company website where more information can be viewed. Just as the name suggests, we are a directory of business cards for all Americans. (PLUS, we pay handsomely for referrals! If you are a client who lists your business card on, we will pay you $100 Cash if someone who you referred to our site, also lists their business card on! And you can refer as many as you want. We will pay you $100.00 for each and every one! You will receive a client # or "Agent #" to track your referrals and get paid, and referral cards to help you succeed!)


You will receive a nice stack of these Referral Cards to pass out to anyone you think may be interested in posting their business card.

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