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The "First 3" Marketing Directors (MD's), in each United States County, will receive extra benefits including a bigger cash flow from a benefit called "Automatic Earnings".

Automatic Earnings are extra payments made to the first 3 new memberships in each of the 3,007 United States Counties. The first 3 Marketing Directors are entitled to make an extra 25¢ for all orders of business card listings that come in after their initial order that "stems" from their initial order. Taking into account the MILLIONS of people in the U.S., Millions of businesses (28 million) and 3007 U.S. Counties at your disposal, if the system is utilized, the first 3 Marketing Directors should have no problem reaching financial bliss! In FACT, if only 1% of U.S. businesses join AFTER you, and are connected to your initial order, you would earn $70,000.00 in (25¢) quarters! (don't worry, you won't be paid in actual quarters). 

This looks like a good place to place one of these. 


And keep in mind, this example only covers the 28 million U.S. REGISTERED businesses NOT including the accountants, car salesmen, real-estate agents, hotel managers, hair stylists, musical instrument instructors, doctors, attorneys, massage therapists, independent sales personnel, craft makers, housekeepers, bee keepers, chimney sweeps, brick layers, etc., etc., etc.. 


However you make the referral, as long as you are the one who referred our site, that new Marketing Director is your Direct Referral and you will be PAID, and there's NO RISK whatsoever!

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