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Q: Why list my business card on this

A: A lot of businesses, especially new ones, can without warning, find themselves with a reduction or complete loss of income making it hard or impossible to meet their financial obligations. Or professional sales people and similar professions may be in a "slump". It happens. With's $100 Referral Rewards program, our partners can build a "financial cushion" for themselves and their business when hard times do come a knockin'.  You will enjoy these benefits while displaying your Business Card online in your county, and included is a direct link to your website, online store, or YouTube channel, etc. right from your Business Card.

Q: Once I place my order and my business card is on my County Page, do I get paid if I refer this site to others with business cards?
A: Yes, you sure do and you WILL be paid $100.00 for EACH and EVERY referral of yours that signs up with by ordering their annual listing. Also, they don't have to be from your county. Any county in the United States qualifies. 
Q: My website is listed on my business card. Can viewers of my business card get on my website from my business card?
A: Yes! If your website appears on your business card, we can create a direct link to it. If your website is not listed on your business card, we can still create a link to it.
Q: How long after I pay will my card be viewed on my county's page?
A: We'll start on your project as quickly as we receive your order; Your Biz Card may be viewable the same day of your paid order in most cases. All orders are on a  first come first served basis. We may correspond with you and vice-versa, on details about your Biz Card posting and depending on any change requests you may have or questions we have, anywhere between 24 hours to approximately 1-2 business days. If you need it expedited, please just tell us and we'll do our best to oblige. 
Q: Do I have to have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT to order a Ad-Slot? 
A: Nope! You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to place your order of a Ad-Slot. All major credit and/or debit cards can be used at check out. All transactions are processed by PayPal. To learn more about PayPal, click here

Q: How will I be paid my Referral Rewards?

A: By the 10th of every month, checks will be mailed out for the previous month's referrals.
Q. What happens if I change jobs or businesses and my business card changes?
A. Easy! Just call us or email us with your Agent # and info, email us an image of your new business card, and we will switch it out. It's the same if you move to another county in the U.S. Let us know  what your new county is and we will change it over. There is no extra charge for 2 changes per year. After 2 changes there MAY be a nominal fee.
Q. I don't have a business card nor does my current job require or have need of one. Can I still make money with your website?
A. You most certainly CAN! makes a great home based business! Simply have some business cards printed up from a local printer in your area or order some online, as an independent promoter, and send us a scanned copy of the business card and we will post it to your county on the state page. You will have an Agent #, receive referral cards and marketing materials, and will earn the $100 Referral Rewards, with unlimited opportunities to earn the $100.00 Referral Rewards. It is so easy to sign up and get started!
Q. Is this a pyramid or Multilevel Marketing (MLM)?
A.  Umm... no. MLM is a plan where you have to constantly recruit new people into the plan and eventually move up a "pyramid" structure in order to make any money. is an online directory platform where people can post their Business Cards in order to attract more customers and clients for their job or business.  We simply are paying you for referring others to do the same. A lot of companies pay for referrals. We just happen to pay HANDSOMELY!
Q. What about taxes? How will I claim Referral Rewards on my income tax?
A. If you earn $600 or more in Referral Rewards, we will send you a Form 1099-MISC where you will see the amount you earned in Box 3. File this with your income taxes and remember to put some of the money from your Referral Rewards aside to pay the income tax.
Please note: This is not a "get rich quick" (but we promise that you will be paid $100 when your referrals order a listing with us), or review site or social/political platform.  We respect your privacy and promise we'll do our best to be as tactful & considerate as possible. No porn or offensive material please. We do not use or promote spam in any way, shape or form ~ we believe in your privacy (we do not sell your information nor do we receive it; all payments are via PAYPAL's secure servers, just like your bank, they use SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We just believe in promoting your company's business products & services. It's what we always strive to focus on, every day! Thank you for reading and if you have any more questions, please fill out the CONTACT US page & send us an email or give us a shout:  888-770-7067 


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