1.) For a limited time, new customers in any U.S. County can sign up and become a member of theABCD.net online business card directory for the United States for a entire year for only $160, a savings of 33%. This will get the ball rolling for you the business owner or you the career professional to rebound from COVID 19, with a system that advertises your company and/or profession, but also allows you to earn a healthy side income of $100 Referral Rewards. We at theABCD.net are aware that, due to coronavirus, millions of Americans have been suffering from a reduction or a complete loss of income. The Referral Rewards program was initiated for this purpose; to add an additional cash stream during the lean months of a business, or sales slumps, especially those who work in sales on commission only; Or your business could be seasonal and the off season is a struggle. Or COVID 19 has delivered a financial blow to your business or profession. Whatever the reason, theABCD can help.
2.) Referral Rewards will be paid out by the 10th of every month for the previous month's referrals. Emergency payments may be made available in certain situations, if the Referral Reward cash payments are needed immediately.
3.)   First 3 Benefit Program is back and will be implemented going forward.
4.) TheABCD.net business referral cards will NOT be distributed with new memberships until the Coronavirus danger is gone. Referrals can be made by phone, emails, texts, flyers etc. As always, absolutely NO telemarketing calls to people's residences. Marketing documents will be emailed to you that you can forward to anyone interested in this opportunity for themselves.
5.) BONUS: During the plague, if your business has remained open with restrictions, theABCD.net will add a link to your county page which will describe the guidelines and the temporary business procedures of your business, put in place until the pandemic is over or a vaccine or a cure has been discovered. For examples, a pizzeria may only do deliveries, allowing no dine in customers; or a delicatessen may offer curbside service only; or customers in a beauty salon may be required to wear masks while getting their hair done.  A lot of businesses across America, have remained open during COVID 19, with restrictions or a change in hours, but the customers may not know these businesses are still open. ALL businesses that are listed on theABCD.net that have changed their business model or practices, but still are open for business, can list their status on their county page. A special icon will be placed next to their business card, showing potential customers that they are OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
6.) Click below for regular terms and conditions and keep in mind the changes put forth here with these temporary guidelines. 
7.) To get started, simply click the Buy Now button below to receive the 33% savings, and email us a scanned image of your business and enjoy your advertising for your business and Referral Reward money coming in for you.
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