Summer  2019 
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14 to 3! Sounds like a the score of a not to exciting football game. But it's not. 14 to 3. States that is. United States.

But you CAN liken Cards Across America to a drive to the goal line in football, with the "line of scrimmage" being the Atlantic states, and the Pacific states, the "Touchdown".

The "football" is this.                Refer, America's Business Card Directory, Westward, from any one of the 14  Atlantic coast states of America, state by  state, in a connecting path, to any one of the 3 Pacific coast states, then it's a USBizCards Cards Across America Touchdown! And the victory dance may ensue!

There are 14 Atlantic coastal states. These are the states in which the Cards Across America campaign begins and they include Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. These are states that have a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

On the other side of the country, there are but 3 states which have the waves of the Pacific Ocean rolling into their coastline. These states include Washington, Oregon, and California and are the states in which the Cards Across America will come to an end.

Now that we have had our geography lesson,  here is how the USBizCards Cards Across America works. The FIRST listing in each of the 14 Atlantic states are the "players" so to speak. They order their BizCards listing to their county page, receive their 500 Business Referral Cards, and begin to share them with people earning the $100.00 Referral Reward for each Direct Referral. When their "referral path" crosses over into another state that borders with their state, that is a successful move westward and the FIRST new listing in each state shares in the REWARD at the end if the referral path they are in, makes it to a Pacific Coast State first. Reference the map above and pushpin example.

The Specifics

NEW! We are now doing 3 to 14 as well! 3 Pacific Ocean States to the 14 Atlantic Ocean States! Same rules apply.

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