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The Rules and the Reward$

The object of the Cards Across America promo is to share the USBizCards service across the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean or from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean  through a "path" of connecting states, from one ocean on one coast of America to the other ocean on the other coast. 

If you and/or your business are in any of the following states on the east coast and your state has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, you may order a USBizCard posting for your business card to be posted on your county page and try to expand your USBizCard referral path westward reaching a state on the Pacific coast. The eligible east coast states are: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Step 1 of the contest, is to order your yearlong posting/membership on, email us an image of your business card, and we will post it to your county page so your business can receive more exposure, get more customers and acquire more profits. We are going to send you 500 USBizCards referral cards containing all of your information so you can hand them out to earn the $100.00 Referral Rewards. When your referral path enters another state, the first order of a USBizCard listing in that state is included in the prize provided the "referral path" that that state is in is the path that makes it to a Pacific Coast state.

In the example below on the map, the blue and orange push pins show a successful westward referral pathway from east coast to west coast. The blue push pins represent the first order of that state and they share in the prize as well as the USBizCards member from the previous state who referred the new member into the new state. These members are represented on the map by the orange push pins. The states in the illustrated example are North Carolina (the state bordering the Atlantic Ocean), Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California (the state bordering the Pacific Ocean). That is a succesful "referral path from sea to shining sea." All of the states have borders with the neighboring state. For all the new members of USBizCards in each of those states, only the member that achieves the direct referral into the next state will receive a share of the prize. The prize or reward is outlined in the white box above the map.

If the referral path that you are a part of like the example on the map below, makes it coast to coast FIRST, you will receive a profit sharing payment payable in January of 2021 and to be figured in this manner: We will take 10% of the total sales up to December 31st, 2020, and divide it equally among the members who qualify (like map example).

In the example above, there are 15 eligible USBizCards members who would receive the portion of the prize. Let's say that only 1% of American registered businesses, not including car salesman, real estate agents, accountants, hair stylists, etc., sign up. The 15 eligible members on map example would receive a check for $448,000.00! 

And of course, not to forget, they will be receiving the ongoing $100.00 Referral Rewards and any applicable bonuses going forward, and more customers for their existing business because their business card is now viewable online in their county. It's a win-win situation with no risks or regrets!

What an awesome time to join USBizCards! To get in on the ground floor of a huge business opportunity while taking advantage of the current  promos / bonuses is very smart to put it lightly!

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