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THE ABCD.NET Agent number 

Your "AGENT" number or Client # will be assigned to you after your paid membership begins. You keep your Agent # when you renew your Membership year after year.
Your Agent number will be primarily used to track your successes and is the key to paying  REWARDS, BONUSES AND CONTEST PRIZES. 
Additionally, it will be used for potential new clients listing their business card to let us know WHO referred them, as the Agent # will appear on their referral business cards. Also, random drawings will be conducted for prizes, some using the Agent Number to determine winners. 


Abbreviation of the Agent's State

          First 3 or 4 Letters of Agent's County
 # of clients (Agents) who have listed their business card
 in that COUNTY. 

Month / Year

In the example above, this client or "agent", for is in
New York State, Chautauqua County. He/She signed up in  January  of 2021
and is the 7th business card listing in Chautauqua County. 

Don't forget to add your Agent # to the reverse side of your referral cards

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